About Us

The Pool Works NJ is a group of experts who have been building their professionalism for 25 years.

The Pool Work team is made up of experts with experience in different areas; renovation, planning and construction using technological innovations of swimming pools and modern water tanks. The unique experience our team has based on the qualifications gained over many years of professional practice allows us to take on any challenges that come along; from design to project realization. With full force and confidence, we are ready to make your dream come true and give you a modern swimming pool that you and your loved ones can enjoy. 

Rest assured that we will work with you to fulfill our dream of providing you with our complete service, pool construction, renovation, and year-round service so you can fully utilize and enjoy your investment.

In our 25 years of professional experience, we have over a thousand satisfied customers in the United States. We operate in five northeastern states: New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

We are still raising the qualifications in our work by participating in the technological advancement that emerges in our professional industry. We specialize in: replacing and coordinating the replacement of a pool enclosure, renovation of swimming pools, as well as the planning and construction of new swimming pools and the adaptation of necessary pool equipment.

Feel free to call or leave us a message. We are here to help you achieve your summer dream allowing you to create wonderful memories with your family. 

Life is cool by the pool!